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3D AERIAL RENDERING - Large logistics park


Client needs a 3D site plan that visualize the logistics transportation and cargo freight transport zone he's developing. He provided Us 2D site plan, a sketch and the types of buildings he's looking for.

A large logistics park is a complex of buildings and infrastructure that is used to support the storage, handling, and transportation of goods. In the design of a large logistics park, there are several key considerations to ensure that the facility is efficient, functional, and able to meet the needs of the business.

One of the main considerations in the design of a large logistics park is the layout and orientation of the buildings and infrastructure. This will depend on the size and shape of the site, as well as the type and volume of goods that will be stored and transported. A common layout for a large logistics park includes a central hub with multiple warehouses, distribution centers, and other buildings surrounding it. The layout should be designed to optimize the flow of goods and minimize the distance and time required to move them between different parts of the facility.

Other considerations in the design of a large logistics park include the size and capacity of the buildings, the type of materials and construction methods used, and the inclusion of amenities such as restrooms, break rooms, and offices. The design should also consider environmental factors, such as the need for energy-efficient lighting and heating, and the impact of the facility on the surrounding landscape.

Overall, the design of a large logistics park should balance the needs of the business with the functional requirements of the facility and the impact on the environment. By carefully planning the layout, size, and features of the facility, it is possible to create a large logistics park that is efficient, functional, and sustainable.


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