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It is possible to create 3D models or renderings of a scene or object and insert them into real-world photos or video captured by a drone. This can be done using computer graphics software and techniques such as photogrammetry and image compositing.

To create a 3D model from drone photos, you can use photogrammetry software to process the images and generate a 3D point cloud or mesh of the scene. This process involves taking multiple photographs of the scene from different angles and using the overlapping parts of the images to calculate the 3D structure of the scene.

Once you have a 3D model of the scene, you can use computer graphics software to create a rendering of the model and insert it into a real-world photo or video captured by the drone. This can be done using techniques such as image compositing, where the 3D rendering is layered over the top of the real-world photo or video and adjusted to match the perspective and lighting of the scene.

It is also possible to use augmented reality (AR) technology to display the 3D rendering in real-time as the drone flies through the scene. This can be done using a smartphone or tablet with AR capabilities and a special app that is able to detect the position and orientation of the drone and display the 3D rendering in the correct location.


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