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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I be sure that you will complete a job to a high standard and in time?

Yes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
You can be sure that we are reliable partner.
Our goal is to establish long term business relationships with our clients so we will provide very high quality in time.

If you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us. 
We can send you invitation to work via one of freelance platforms Freelancer or Upwork. You will be able to review hundreds testimonials from our happy clients.


How do you accept payment?

We accept payments through Bank Wire Transfer and Payoneer for your convenience.

We can use also Freelancer payment systems. If you would like to work with us via this platform please send your email and we will invite you to work with us.
You will pay 0% commission if we invite you.

What are the available manners of communication to reach you?

All official communication must be done via email for the record. 

Please feel free to supervise, evaluate our 3d works. We are never afraid of being criticized. What we only need is to find why we make mistakes and how to improve. 
Constructive criticism can help us improve our work.



We are professional and reliable 3D Architectural Renderings Studio.

We provide all-inclusive, high-quality 3D architectural rendering services for all types of business and organizations such as architects, interior designers, real estate brokers, builders, management companies, marketing agencies and individuals.

House Design 3D has left its mark in global 3D Rendering sphere: Australia, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Austria