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  • Outdoor Kitchens
    Outdoor Kitchens 3D Renderings
    Outdoor Kitchens 3D Renderings in Melbourne.
  • Sketchfab Rotate Models
    360-rotation 3D models - Sketchfab

    360 Virtual Tour For Real Estate Property. Virtual tours are very popular in the real estate industry. Several types of such tours exist, including simple options such as interactive floor plans, and more sophisticated options such as full-service virtual tours.

  • 3D Photomontage
    3D Photomontages

    3D Photomontages combines our architectural photography service with 3D computer generated models. Over the years HouseDesign3D have produced numerous architectural 3D photomontage images.  

  • 3D Shipping Containers
    3D Rendering Shipping Containers in Interior and Exterior Design
    The desire to live and work in a tiny buildings made shipping containers more and more preferred. Designers create this types of buildings environmentally friendly as much as possible. Besides residential buildings shipping containers have big rise in commercial buildings like offices and coffee - bars.
  • 3D Floor Plans
    Our high-quality 3D Floor Plans are perfect for real estate marketing and great way for interior space planning. If you want to see the true potential of your 3D model design do not hesitate to contact us!


We are professional and reliable 3D Architectural Renderings Studio.

We provide all-inclusive, high-quality 3D architectural rendering services for all types of business and organizations such as architects, interior designers, real estate brokers, builders, management companies, marketing agencies and individuals.

House Design 3D has left its mark in global 3D Rendering sphere: Australia, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Austria